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If a penalty occurred, the referee would put his hand almost straight up (primary signal- penalty) and then use his other hand to signal why he called a penalty (secondary signal). The actions will be different for secondary signals for different offenses, which generally correspond with the offence, like a high tackle (the ref holds hand horizontally and brings it up and down in front of his head).

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Referee's signals. Around the Academy: Try/Penalty try. The referee will clearly raise one arm straight above his head. His back will be towards the dead ball line.

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Whenever the referee detects a breach of the rules signals are given by the referee to help players and spectators understand which rugby rules have been broken and what mistakes were made. If the referee blows the whistle at the same time it means play must stop.

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Article link: http://www.walesonline.co.uk/sport/rugby/rugby-news/rugby-world-cup-2015-what-10030082So what do the strange hand signals actually signify? One...

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The signals to be given by a Referee are set out below. Scrum. With bent arms, palms of hands facing each other at shoulder level, fingers together and slightly bent, bring the tops of the fingers together with a slight downward movement and then point to the team awarded the loose head and put-in. Penalty Kick.

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Forward pass: One arm is extended in front of the referee's body to show the ball has gone forward. Knock on: Both arms are extended in front of the body, with the palm of the hands showing. Scrum:...

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Hand Signals. Full Referee Manual (Please consult your Region Manager) Training Videos. Introduction. Starting the Game and Professionalism. The Fundamentals. Kicking – Part 1. Kicking – Part 2. Positioning, Line Setting and Enforcing Offsides. Refereeing on the Try Line. The AFL Try. In Game Communication. Dealing with Misconduct