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17 Basic Rules of Soccer

The object of soccer is for a player to get the ball into the other team’s goal by using any part of the body except the player’s hands and arms. The goalie is the only player allowed to touch the ball with the hands and arms and then only while he is located in his own penalty area. A referee is in charge of the soccer game. A referee’s main objective should be the

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Soccer Unit Quiz Name: _____ Coach Pappas’s PE Clas s Date: _____ MWMS Middle School Pe ri o d :_____ Fill in each sentence with the correct term from the soccer study guide: 1. A soccer game begins in the middle of the field and after each goal with a _____. 2.


INTRAMURAL 11 on 11 OUTDOOR SOCCER RULES Intramural Soccer will be played by the National Federation High School rules with the following modifications: Table of Contents I. General Information II. Equipment and Uniform III. Game Regulations Co- Rec Modifications IV. Rule Enforcement

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Skills Practiced. This quiz and worksheet allow students to test the following skills: Reading comprehension - ensure that you draw the most important information from the lesson on soccer rules ...

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rules and policies, show respect and concern for the intramural staff, and refrain from abusive language, poor attitude, and manipulation of the rules to further their chance of winning. 2. Sportsmanship ratings are given to teams after each contests by Intramural Sports Leads, Supervisors, and game officials.

Soccer Rules & Skills - ProProfs Quiz

Soccer is commonly known as football by most of the countries in the world and involves two teams with eleven players playing against each other. The ultimate cup is the World Cup which involves players representing their home countries. Are you an upcoming soccer player and think you know all the rules and skills the game requires? Test yourself by taking the test below.

Soccer Unit - America

4. Soccer Quiz #1 Assessment4.doc 5. Soccer Quiz #1 Answer Key Assessment5.doc 6. Soccer Quiz #2 Assessment6.doc 7. Soccer Quiz #2 Answer Key Assessment7.doc 8. Soccer Quiz #3 Assessment8.doc 9. Soccer Quiz #3 Answer Key Assessment9.doc 10.Soccer Quiz # 4 Assessment10.doc 11.Soccer Quiz #4 Answer Key Assessment11.doc

2019-20 NFHS SOCCER Rules Power Point

National Federation of State Take Part. Get Set For Life.® High School Associations 2019-20 NFHS SOCCER RULES POWER POINT Welcome to the 2019-20 Soccer Power Point Presentation.

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Click on the tab for “TESTING”, and look for the HSSO/CHSAA 2021 Soccer Test. Take the test over as long a period as you wish – you can reenter that test multiple times while taking it (remember to save your work before leaving!). When you are done taking the test, there should be a button for submitting the test. Just