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A stranger is a person who is unknown to another person or group. Because of this unknown status, a stranger may be perceived as a threat until their identity and character can be ascertained. Different classes of strangers have been identified for social science purposes, and the tendency for strangers and foreigners to overlap has been examined.

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stranger tamil meaning and more example for stranger will be given in tamil. She was seated near the window when a stranger tried to snatch the gold jewels from her neck from outside. Stranger than fiction It was stranger than fiction to come face to face with my relatives who were at the bottom echelons of Indian society live in dire poverty.

How to say stranger in Tamil

strangely. strange land. stranger danger. strangers. strange story. strange thing. strange world. strangle. Translate to Tamil.

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There was a complete stranger sitting at my desk./ they got on well together although they were total strangers. Tags: stranger meaning in tamil, stranger ka matalab tamil me, tamil meaning of stranger, stranger meaning dictionary.

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How to say strangle in Tamil

stranger. strangled. stranglehold. strangler. strangling. strangulate. strangulation. Translate to Tamil. strangle.

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It is used to show and maintain a respectful distance in a relationship, as such is used to refer to stranger(s). மார் (Mār) is a plural honorific suffix used to refer to a collective noun. மாரர் (Mārar) is a higher form of மார் (Mār).