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Tennis racket specifications explained

300 grams (or 10.6 ounces) is an average weight for a racket. Less than 285 grams (10 ounces) is considered light. More than 310 grams (or 11 ounces) is considered heavy. Tennishead suggests…. As you’d expect, a heavy racket in general means more power but less manoeuvrability and vice versa with a light racket.

Tennis Racquet Weight, Balance & Swingweight Explained ...

First, a tennis racquet is placed on the center of the balance board so that it rests on the balance bar with the handle pointed toward the scale or ruler. Step 2. Next, you slowly rotate the bar toward the left until the head of the racquet drops toward the table. Step 3

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How To Choose A Tennis Racket and Grip Size - Tennisnuts.com

Performance graphite tennis rackets can range from 225g to 340g, with rackets on either end of the scale having their own sets of advantages and disadvantages. The heaviest rackets provide the highest level of frame stability to players who have a fully developed and/or powerful swing motion.

Tennis Racket Stiffness Explained – My Tennis HQ

A racket’s stiffness is defined by how much the frame bends when it makes contact with the ball. The number you see is correlated directly to how much the racket is distorted as the ball is struck. So, a higher rating of stiffness relates to less bend in the racket at contact. A lower rating, therefore, means that a racket will bend more at contact.

Tennis Racket Swing Weight Explained – My Tennis HQ

The swing weight of a racket is affected by the combination of a racket’s static weight and balance. A racket that is more head heavy will have a higher swing weight than that of a head light racket. Even though these two rackets may weigh the same on the scale, the head heavy racket will feel heavier during play, hence the higher swing weight.

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Tennis Racquet Stiffness & Flex | Explanation, Video, Charts

Tennis racquet stiffness is a numeric value assigned to each racquet that measures how much a frame flexes during contact with a ball. As a beginner, this measurement may seem arbitrary, but it can be a useful measurement that helps guide a player’s decision-making process during their search for a tennis racquet.